Jean Monnet Chair Project

The aim of this Jean Monnet website is to offer lawyers (barristers, PhD students, Master students, judges, academics, etc.) an array of materials regarding the conflict opposing trade to environmental concerns in the EU. These documents range from reference documents, working papers, the relevant case law to the Chair holder’s publications. Most documents are published in English, whereas other papers are published in French, Dutch, Spanish, and Portuguese.

In providing these materials, I hope to contribute to the ongoing academic debate on trade v. environment. In effect, environmental protection is not only a core objective of the EU, it has also been placed on equal footing with economic growth and the internal market. What is more, as far as secondary law is concerned, EU environmental law has progressively grown from a sparse set of directives to a vast body of regulatory measures. However, despite the progresses that were made, the results of this policy have at the very least been muted. One of the main difficulties environmental law has been facing in the EU is related to the fact that the legal order of the EU is conceptualised in terms of economic integration, reckoning upon the internal market that is based on the free movement provisions promoting access to the different national markets and on the absence of distortions of competition.


Jean Monnet Chair Holder

Nicolas de Sadeleer is professor of law at Saint Louis University, Brussels, and guest professor at UCL. Being based in Brussels, he plays an active part in debates on EU legal and institutional issues. Author of Environmental Principles (OUP, 2002) and EU Environmental Law and the Internal Market (OUP, 2014), he held from 2004 to 2005 a EU Marie Curie chair on risk assessment and risk management at the law faculty of the University of Oslo. In 2017 he was Distinguished International Visiting Professor at the University of Canberra. He has been awarded in 2010 a Jean Monnet Chair focusing on the trade and environment conflict under the Jean Monnet Action scheme of the European Commission, a programme that promotes European knowledge and competence throughout higher education institutions worldwide. 

Funds from this position will be used in providing continuing support for existing academic activities and to create and publish new research. They will also support work to prepare conferences and a new summer course in Brussels. The dissemination of this project is based on the use of innovative pedagogical tools.

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VW Scandal(article)

Meeting with Robert Shenton French, AC, Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia, and Prof. Murray Raff, Canberra University (picture)

EU Environmental Law and the Internal Market, Oxford, OUP, forthcoming (Flyer)

• The first sustained analysis of the intersection between the EU’s environmental law and policy and the EU’s commitment to a free, competitive internal market
• Offers a clear explanation of the legal framework for environmental protection in EU Treaty and secondary law
• Analyses how environmental concerns and environmental law have impacted on the operation of the internal market